Betrothed: Part I


  • AUTHOR: Kirstma
  • TITLE: Betrothed
  • CATEGORY: Drama, Romance
  • RATING: PG-13
  • SUMMARY: Trinity turns thirty, much mirth and melancholy.
    • Originally called “Dude, Where’s My Hard-line?”, “Betrothed” is not an all-out serious work. Here the crew of the Neb do some serious . . . partying. I don’t really condone binge drinking in any way––but I don’t really condemn it either. I’m sorry if you find this story really offensive and highly OOC. It’s supposed to be sort of funny, but the end is too depressing for me to classify it as humor. The first part of the story takes place a few months before Neo is freed; the second part takes place in medias res.
    • I guess I should tell ya’ll that this might be my last hurrah in the world of Matrix fanfic for a while. I pounded this out in one night and didn’t have it beta-read, so it may be rather rough around the edges. Please forgive me for this. I just began an intensive fiction writing workshop so now my spare time will be spent writing and revising original stuff. Plus, I have my Ulysses research eating up any sanity I might have had in the first place. I will write more fanfic, but not for a while.
  • DISCLAIMER: I don’t own any of these characters. I’m not making any money. At all. I’m totally unemployed right now, so if you know of a job in the entertainment industry . . .
  • PARTS:

Part I

In vino veritas. –some dead Roman

* I *

“Shhh, she’s coming.” The small knot of conspirators unwound themselves and stood at attention.

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