Audience Rating System

  • All fics on this site have been tagged with a rating of either G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17. This corresponds to the system that we have for rating movies in the USA.
  • A G-rated fic is suitable for all audiences.
  • An R-rated fic implies that you should proceed with caution if you are under 17 years of age.
  • An NC-17 rating implies that if you are under the age of 17, you may not read the fic. Reasons for high ratings include language, violence, gore, sexuality, and intense themes.
  • Unfortunately, we have no way to monitor the ages of the people who frequent this site, and thus are forced to leave readers to their own recognizance.
  • The staff of The Construct disclaims all responsibility for people under the age of 17 who choose to read R and NC-17 rated stories.
  • If you are age 17 or older, you may use the password “iamadult” to access protected R and NC-17 rated stories. By using this password, you claim to be age 17 or older, understand the audience rating cautions, and accept full responsibility for your choice and its consequences.