For information on protected fics with adult ratings, see the Audience Rating System.


  • My Matrix Reloaded [PG-13] – Basically, if I wrote the Matrix sequel, this is what it would be. As the war for the fate of the world continues, the machines enact an unexpected plan.
  • Final Moments [PG] – Just a wacky, play-by-play comparison of two similar scenes that prelude the Matrix Reloaded. Spoilers for the Animatrix short “Final Flight of the Osiris”.


  • The Instant [PG-13] – “You can only truly describe something once you’ve lost it — you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” and all those things.
  • Out of Nothing [PG-13] – In the silence of aftermath, what does it take to save a spark from fading? What does it take to break the barrier of fear and build a fire out of nothing?
  • The Wild Ones [R] – An evening in Zion, a chance to be alone together, two undernourished egos, four rotating hips.
  • Scarlet [R] – “I realise you. I do.” In a world where everything is hard and unwelcoming, you find new ways of learning and sharing. New ways of knowing.


  • Neo Blinked [PG] – An alternate ending to the Matrix universe, set sometime after or during the events of Revolutions.


  • Sketches [PG] – A short pre-during-post movie piece about Trinity. Trinity finds a way to express what she cannot explain to anyone, until she discovers that there is one who will understand.
  • Washing Day [PG] – Trinity rolled over, slowly waking up to the sound of Neo humming. “Monday is washing day and ev-ry-bo-dy’s happy…”
  • Coded Blood [PG-13] – Jesse goes hunting, but her prey turns out to be more than she is prepared for. (Crossover with Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles)
  • Walk On [G]“Contrary to popular belief, I wasn’t born a fighter.” Trinity finds a way to come to terms with her past.
  • Plugs [PG-13]“Bad dreams aren’t the only things that keep me awake.” Neo muses on the nature of his own private reality.
  • Fists Rise to Defend [PG-13]Imagine that. Being defended. Being protected. We do not always know exactly what (who) we need. We only think we do.


  • Memory [NC-17] – Trinity reminisces…
  • Three Bullets [R] – What if Neo had escaped the subway station safely, before fighting Agent Smith? An alternate universe story.
  • Footsteps [R] – “You know, for a long time, I thought I was in love with you. I used to dream about you. You’re a beautiful woman, Trinity. It’s too bad things had to turn out like this.”
  • In My Head [NC-17, Non-Smut] – With knowledge comes anticipation, with anticipation comes confusion and with confusion comes fear. Delving into the mind of a character who was told just enough about her future to know that she didn’t know enough.
  • Only Human [R] – The end of the war may be a double-edged sword. When it’s over, different people cope in different ways.
  • The Morning After [PG] – A companion fic to Scottishlass’s story, “Serenity”. The morning after “Serenity”, things are bound to be different.
  • Viola [R] – “. . .and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Dancing, drums, Shakespeare, and sex.
  • Body [R] – “Thus the Other’s body is meaningful.” – Jean-Paul Sartre


  • Double Negative [PG-13] – “One goddamn grammatical mistake.” Sometimes, misusing the English language can come back and bite you in the ass. Cypher learns this lesson the hard way.


  • The Green Curtain [PG-13] – “Don’t shut me out, Trinity. Not when we’re alone.”
  • Ferris Wheel [G] – “Right now isn’t coincidental and I wonder if you feel the same way.” Neo plays around with fate, memories and carnival rides.


  • The Fourth Kingdom [R] – Somebody’s changing things from INSIDE the Matrix. The Matrix goes fantasy, Trinity faces her past, and the Oracle gets real. But is unplugging right for everyone?
  • I Dream Of [R] – Life, the universe, and everything. Not really. Trinity’s PoV, her name, and her thoughts on life.
  • Wedding Night [PG] – “I never wanted to get married. In fact, I hated the idea. It was your silly wish. But then, you’ve always been the sentimental one.”


  • In Oculo Tempestis [NC-17] – Trinity POV. What happened between the time of the Keymaker’s explanation of the mission, until Morpheus, Neo, and the others reenter the Matrix just before midnight.
  • Enough [R] – Sometimes, a woman doesn’t want to be worshipped. Neo learns to be assertive.
  • Butterfly [R] – Trinity frees someone from the Matrix who will eventually prepare her for her relationship with Neo.


  • Beautiful [PG] – In his last hours of life, Neo muses about what was, what could have been, and what will never be.


  • Insides Out [R] – As usual, the Oracle is the bearer of ill news. Agent Smith waits in the wings, and Trinity, in the middle of this desperate war, deals with her fear and doubt. And f*cks Neo a lot.

Enn Bishop

  • The Kael Chronicles [R] – Morpheus is not infallible, Trinity not naive. These are lessons learned from one named Kael. This is the story of his recruitment, resourcefulness, and revolt.
  • Prodigal Son [PG] – A deleted scene from Neo’s encounter with the Architect.



  • Augustine’s Goodbye [PG-13] – Ghost has always loved Trinity, and now he might never see her again.
  • Dance With Me [PG-13] – Sometimes, the body will remember what the mind does not… Sometimes passion is still there, it just needs to be re-discovered.
  • Not Romance [PG-13] – Pre-movie. Trinity gets some lessons on love from her friends.
  • Still Breathing [PG-13] – This was inspired by the bit at the beginning of Reloaded where Neo wakes from his nightmare and looks over to check if Trinity is still breathing.


  • Inside [R] – Trinity and Neo enter the Matrix one last time before it is shut down.
  • Outside [PG-13] – In the Matrix, Trinity fought, she died, but she never gave up. What happens when the Matrix is shut down?


  • Fics removed upon request.

Jennifer Jolie

  • Walls [PG-13] – A pre-Neo reflection from Trinity’s point of view on the war, A.I., and her need for a hero. . . amongst other things.
  • Sacrosanct [PG-13] – Let love be your greatest aim. 1 Corinthians 14:1.


  • Left [R] – “While waiting outside for a ride to the funeral, I saw a bird fly into a closed window in the upstairs of our house.”
  • Betrothed [PG-13] – Trinity turns thirty, much mirth and melancholy.
  • My Way [R] – A much younger Switch, Apoc and Trinity must deal with an abusive commanding officer.


Mara Trinity Scully

  • Always Waiting [PG] – Fleshing out the film scene where Trinity thoughtfully brings Neo food.
  • Exchange [PG] – To protect the future, you must lose the past.
  • Run [R] – Neo’s thoughts in the last minutes of his one life and the first of his next.
  • Encounter [PG-13] – Spiderman saves a distressed damsel, much to another hero’s great relief.
  • Variations on a Theme [PG-13] – Devastating news.
  • Dependence [PG] – Heroism in the resistance cannot live without love.
  • Mother [PG] – “Now I can’t change the way you feel, but I can put my arms around you.”
  • Green/Brown [PG] – A chance meeting. (Hey, you, I love your soul.)
  • Neo-Persephone [R] – SPOILERS! SPOILERS!!! (Rating for language, themes, and how overeducated it is.) A lyrical poetic look at Perspehone as Seductress. (Warning: Spoilers and very classic nerdish.)

Midnight’s Trinity

  • Weakness [PG-13] – A one-post story of the Persephone scene from Trinity’s POV. Much angst and anger included.
  • One [PG-13] – “To me, it feels like I had no choice. None, whatsoever. No choice, no power, no control.” What if you have no choice? Is it still a choice? Neo battles control, regret, purpose, grief, REBARs, and vampires.


  • Cold Comfort [PG-13] – One-shot fill-in piece for the DVD chapters – “Cypher’s Burnout” and “Matters of Belief”, telling of Trinity”s feelings and thoughts regarding Cypher’s betrayal, Apoc and Switch’s death and the fact that it is her destiny to fall in love.


  • Adam Street Bridge [PG] – If you could have asked him now, Neo couldn’t have told you why he agreed to meet with the terrorist. His life – he wasn’t getting anywhere living it – so why not die for it?
  • Old Soldiers Never Die [PG] – After the war, will they ever be the same?
  • Still Asleep [PG-13] – What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?
  • Burn [PG] – The falling form in the sky was Trinity, trapped inside the helicopter as it fell steadily to its doom.
  • Ghosts of Yesterday [PG-13] – When they pulled Ghost out of the sewer, Trinity knew he was going to die. That is, if he wasn’t already dead.
  • A Soldier’s Blood [PG] – They were fireworks — explosions, but not bombs. Signs of celebration, bursting in bright colors that Trinity would never see.
  • Longhand [PG] – It broke their hearts to see Trinity; dark circles looming beneath her eyes as they strained to hold back the tears threatening to spill at any minute, her face drawn with sadness and guilt. None of them wanted to be the one to tell her it wasn’t likely that Neo would ever wake up.
  • The Woman I Loved (Is Dead) [PG-13] – The woman I loved was dead. For the longest time I wouldn’t let them take her body away. I felt my need for her would destroy me, but it didn’t, and Morpheus took her away.
  • Birthday [PG] – “As they walked to the elevator, Neo didn’t even notice that he was closer to the railing, and even if he did, he probably wouldn’t have cared.”





  • Siren [R] – A short POV piece about the seduction of the heart’s desire.


  • Everything and Nothing [PG] – This takes place right after Neo does his little. . . dive. . . into Agent Smith. It follows Smith’s train of thought, going back to some thoughts from his earlier days in the Matrix as well, and showing his transition from the first movie to Reloaded.


  • The Desert of The Real [PG] – What happens once the Matrix is shut down?
  • Efficiency [PG] – Smith and Brown have a conversation about efficiency. A contemplation on arbitrary cruelty…
  • Gaps [G] – Can you really destroy an Agent or do they just disappear for a little while? A possibility after the end of the movie.
  • Shutdown [PG] – Will victory over the machines be everything that the rebels would hope it to be? An alternative ending to the entire Matrix story…
  • Purpose [G] – Purpose. What is purpose? Meaning. Reason. The inherent need to be what one must be.

Quin Firefrorefiddle

  • Revelations Replaced [PG] – The relationship of Apoc and Switch twists and turns from beginning and end to Jackson Browne’s brilliant “Sky Blue and Black,” but this is too detailed to be called a songfic.
  • Trip of a Life (Death) Time [PG-13] – Three Neb crewmembers grieve for themselves, their friends, and their enemies.
  • Contentment [G] – A woman tells us who she is, in relation to her children, her husband, and the Resistance.


  • Fever [NC-17] – A desire fulfilled, a secret shared. Trinity finds a brief respite from the cold – in the arms of another.
  • Unrest [Strong R] – What happens when you can no longer justify your life to yourself? Trinity falls victim to the only force more powerful than she – her own nightmares.
  • Beauty on the Fire [NC-17] – (Mature readers ONLY, please!) Ashes, ashes we all fall down. Like a Phoenix, Trinity must salvage something of her control out of the wreckage.
  • Made to Fade [PG] – “Bits of paper clung to the tape, and the tape twisted and splintered as it tried to cling to its home. They destroyed each other as they parted, and she knew then that she had to get away. Had to tear herself from this world before it tore itself from her.”
  • Nameless Epiphany [PG-13] – Trinity reflects on the journey from one faith to another.
  • All I Wanted [PG-13] – Oh how the mighty have fallen. All women dream of it, some wake up crying.


  • Wallflower [PG-13] – Neo hates parties as much as Thomas ever did. A tribute to the Wachowski brothers and their brilliant sense of parallelism.


  • House of Trouser [PG-13] – Sparks decides that Neo needs to reclaim his manhood.
  • Tedium in the Underworld [PG] – An eternity in the underworld can be tiring. A slightly different look at Persephone’s motivations and actions. Based around the bathroom scene in “Reloaded”.



  • Cat and Mouse: The Chase [R] – Trinity and Neo run into complications when they take their UST into a training simulation.
  • Cat and Mouse: The Kill [R] – Sequel to “Cat and Mouse: The Chase”.
  • Ahead of Schedule [NC-17] – Trinity is tired of denying herself something she wants so badly… Will her decision alter the course of the future?
  • The Lotus Eaters [R] – A series of short vignettes dealing with dreams and issues of respect. “To deny one’s own impulses is to deny what makes us human…”
  • Serenity [G] – Before they’re lovers, Trinity and Neo recognize a closeness they can’t ignore or deny. A short little vignette.




  • Watching and Waiting [PG] – When Trinity enters the Matrix alone, it causes more trouble than normal for all involved.
  • Old Friends [G] – Niobe and Trinity enjoy a relaxing vacation from their hectic lives.


  • Reaper [R] – Neo and Trinity come to terms with the fact that nothing lasts forever. Pre-Reloaded, and a bit of Post-Revs.
  • Scissors [R] – “…Would you help me cut my hair? It’s getting really annoying. In my eyes. And stuff.”

SpoonGirl Trinity

  • I Shall Believe [NC-17] – Short fic about Neo and Trinity’s last moments aboard the Hammer, before they go to the Machine City. Neo finally understands the choice he has to make. Trinity wants to tell Neo something important, but can’t.


  • Chill [PG] – Trinity POV, pre-movie. Romantic angst, marked by the pointed /absence/ of romance. (Is that a category itself?)

Taryn Wander’r

  • Little One [R] – The misadventurous story of Mouse. Alternate timeline. Deal with it. (This is an alternate universe fic.)


  • Absolutes and Uncertainties [R] – For Neo and Trinity, a moment away from the question of what lies ahead.
  • All I Need [PG] – Neo can’t move on until he finds her.
  • Breathe You In [PG] – Trinity opens to the possibilities of becoming part of Two.
  • Silhouettes [PG-13] – Whether it’s apparent to those on the sidelines or not, Trinity has always played an integral role in Ghost’s life.
  • Basis [R] – Neo and Trinity come to terms with their love as only they know how.

Trin Chardin

  • Emotion – Or the Lack of It [PG] – Cypher considers Trinity’s emotions – or the lack thereof.
  • Without You [PG-13] – “Nova cursed under her breath then grimaced as the leak she’d been trying to fix widened into a gaping hole of rushing filthy water. Grabbing a greasy rag, she stuffed it into the hole to stop the flow before pulling herself out from under the pipes.”
  • Losing You [G] – “Trinity knocked softly at the door of Neo’s room. Not hearing an answer from within, she sighed and entered anyway. She shut the door close behind her and went to sit next to him on the narrow cot. He refused to acknowledge her presence and continued to stare at the blank wall before him.”
  • Between Women [PG-13] – Trinity and Niobe have a talk after the events of Reloaded.

Vitani FyreWolf



  • Not Aphrodite [R] – This stemmed from a Hardline debate about Trinity’s virginity and offers one possible scenario. You decide what the answer is.
  • Accomplice [R] – There is one glitch in the Matrix. How could Cypher just plug himself into the Matrix and meet Agent Smith without…an accomplice…? This is a first person account of all the emotions and actions that led up to his deceitful betrayal of the resistance.
  • Confidant [R] – The companion fic to Accomplice (read that first, or this won’t make sense). Her side of things.
  • Of Soldiers and Fierce Love [R] – Reloaded. The rooftop scene from Neo’s POV and my own extension of it, per some HL (Hardline) conversations.
  • A Soldier’s Wife [G] – Dozer, Tank, Zee, Cass, and a little bit of Link when they were kids, intermixed with a soldier’s wife’s reflections on this childhood and her life.
  • Blindfolded [PG] – The interim in Revs between Neo’s eyes being scorched and their arrival at 01.


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