Version 3.0

April 2013 > Version 3.0

  • 07 Apr 2013 – Sunday. Added TLynn’s, Trin Chardin’s, and Vitani FyreWolf’s fics.
  • 06 Apr 2013 – Saturday. Added SpoonGirl Trinity’s, Starchild’s, and Taryn Wander’r’sfics.
  • 05 Apr 2013 – Friday. Whoa, 31 months is a long time. This morning, intercepted a transmission from Phoenix: “I’ve been lost in the Matrix for Eons and I finally found your hardline last month. I have finished taking all the simulations except yours. If you get this message, please help this lost program and re-open the Construct. I wish so bad to get more simulations before I can invent mine. Please don’t let me die waiting. Help me get Neo and Trinity back. Help.” Consequently, added Spin’s fics. One pill at a time…

September 2010 > Version 3.0

February 2009 > Version 3.0

  • 03 Feb 2009 – Tuesday. Whoa, 7 months since my last update! Still busy in the Real World, lol. But added the rest of Scottishlass’ fics.

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