Version 1.0
Version 1.0

Nov 2003 > Version 1.0

  • 24 Nov 2003Monday 11/24/03 | Updated by DanaScully with help and instructions from Centaur.
    • And “Trinity” spaketh unto “Sorcha”, saying, “Toto!”
    • To which Sorcha repliedeth, “Yes, oh Dorothy?” and battedeth her eyelashes.
    • Trinity then deigned to speak again unto her protege: “You mentioned a while ago that you’d be up for a special coding assignment. Is that still true? I’m swamped with other duties at present.”
    • Sorcha answered gleefully, “I’d love to help! Let me COOOODE!”
    • Trinity laughed at her. And it was very good.
    • Long story short – UPDATE! We have TONS more stuff in the Construct’s inbox, I know, but this is all we could manage for now. So… enjoy what’s new, and thanks for your patience if we haven’t replied to you about your submission yet. The update includes: reformatted versions of “The Instant” and “Out of Nothing” by Beat, “Neo Blinked” by Bedivere, “Sacrosanct” by Jennifer Jolie, “Butterfly” by yours truly, and “Body” by Centaur.

Aug 2003 > Version 1.0

  • 30 Aug 2003Saturday, 8/30/03 | Updated by Centaur.
    • Okay. I think I’ve managed to fix all the zillions of broken links from my old update. Sorry I couldn’t do it sooner — my computer was in the shop, but at least now I know I’ll have a functioning DVD player by the time the Reloaded DVD is released. I’d like to try to get another update up sometime soon. . . working on it. Unfortunately, between my job and getting ready to start school for the year, time is tight. Also have to write up some constructive comments for people whose submissions haven’t been archived. If there are any broken links or site errors that I didn’t catch, please let me know by sending an email to The Construct.
  • 05 Aug 2003Tuesday, 8/5/03 | Updated by Centaur, but this was a collective Goddess effort!
    • In the immortal words of Neo: whoa.
    • I’m thinking that we’ve finally proven ourselves worthy of our ‘Goddess’ title.
    • Why is that, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.
    • We’ve gone through everything. EVERYTHING. All of the gazillion submissions that have been sitting in our inbox for WAY too long. MTS read through every single submission, sorted them into piles of ‘submit’ stories and ‘criticize and ask for resubmission’ stories. Then, we sat on the phone for a good hour and went down the list.
    • And then I sat down and wrote code. And I wrote code. And Rae helped me with some sticking-points and then I wrote more code. I swear to you, when I close my eyes, I see html tags floating around behind my eyelids right now. But the end result is this: finally, at long last, all the fics that were in our inbox by the afternoon yesterday have been posted. 18 new stories up. If you’ve submitted a fic that has not gone up with this update, expect to hear from us relatively soon with some constructive comments for some reworking that you can do, and then, we hope you’ll resubmit.
    • There is one exception to this — EvilDirector’s fic has not been posted, and the reason for that is that I don’t have the file, and while Rae told me it had been linked to the Hardline, I couldn’t find it. So ED, if you read this, if you could submit a your fic to construct303@yahoo.com, or directly to me, it will go up ASAP. If you don’t see this, I’ll get the file from MTS whenever I can and put it up.
    • I’ve also done a few other general maintenance things, fixing a couple broken links and stuff.
    • The grand list of all updated fics is as follows:
      • Beat: “The Instant,” “Out of Nothing” CONSTRUCT EXCLUSIVES
      • Gypsy: “A Soldier’s Blood,” “Longhand,” “Birthday,” “The Woman I Loved [is dead]” CONSTRUCT EXCLUSIVES
      • Helena: “Outside,” “Inside”
      • Kirstma: “My Way”
      • Narsil: “Everything and Nothing”
      • Raven: “Wallflower” CONSTRUCT EXCLUSIVE
      • Ryven: “A Chance Encounter”
      • Scottishlass and Centaur: “The One True Thing”
      • September: “Watching and Waiting,” “Old Friends”
      • Trin_Chardin: “Between Women”
      • Taryn Wander’r: “Little One”
      • Zephyr: “A Soldier’s Wife” CONSTRUCT EXCLUSIVE
    • As for where you can find them — they’re all over the site. The categories that grew massively on this update are Drama and Romance, though. I hope I tagged all the Construct-exclusive fics without missing any.
    • So if you’ll all pardon me now, I need to go pass out.

Jun 2003 > Version 1.0

  • 30 Jun 2003Monday, 6/30/03 | Updated by Centaur.
    • All right, already! We heard you crying, wailing, sobbing. We heard the tearful ponderances — “Has The Construct gone the way of all the other good Matrix fanfic sites? Have the webmasters lost interest and left this place — this haven — to rot away in a dark pit of out-of-datedness?”
    • The answer, my friends, is a resounding NO. The Construct is alive and kicking — its webmistresses were unfortunately unable to set aside the time to update in the past few weeks. Of course, the problem with that is that the longer we put off the update, the larger the update needs to be, and the more intimidating it becomes to get started. We apologise profusely for making you all wait so long for this. And I apologise profusely for the fact that the update isn’t larger than it is. Our inbox is swamped (which is fabulous — thanks for all the submissions, guys!) so this is my attempt to make a dent in it. Please note: there is no rhyme or reason to the fics I decided to put up, I just started tackling the pile-up one fic at a time and this is as far as I got before it got too late and I had to sleep. There are undoubtedly fics in the inbox that have been sitting there for longer than some of these. I promise, we’ll get to them.
    • A friendly reminder to all people to please read our submission guidelines (link at the top of the page) and include a RATING and SUMMARY with your fic. A summary is necessary, and if you fail to include one, we will (depending on our mood) use the first line of your story as your summary, or send it back to you to request that you write one. If we choose to use the first line of your story and you email us to ask that we change it, note that that will be down at the bottom of our list of things to do in terms of site maintenance. For stories submitted without ratings — if we’re feeling generous (as I was tonight, fortunately for some people ;) ) we’ll read the story and rate it ourselves. More likely, we’ll just send your submission back to you and ask you to re-send it with an appropriate rating attached.
    • Anyway.
    • We have five new fics up, from DanaScully, girlfromsouth, narie_the_waitress, Narsus, and we have a CONSTRUCT EXCLUSIVE piece from Zephyr. Find that one in the romance section.

May 2003 > Version 1.0

  • 12 May 2003Monday, 5/12/03 | Updated by Rae and MTS behind the scenes.
    • Go us! By this I mean, “Go Goddesses for updating twice in two days,” as well as, “Go authors for sending fics so promptly!” You guys ROCK. 5 more fics today: Alina’s “Final Moments” in Drama/Action; Blake’s “Walk On” in Drama; and 3 from Gypsy – “Still Asleep” (which I think is Construct exclusive), “Burn,” and “Ghosts of Yesterday,” (Ghosts can be found in Romance, all three can be found in Drama/AU)
    • Could it really be only 71 hours until Reloaded? I think the inbox is empty at this point. Everything in there either went up or got a letter with some suggestions. We had SO many things that almost went up this update, but we thought could benefit a lot from just a little bit of work. Please don’t take it personally if you were one of those authors who’s work didn’t get put up right away, it doesn’t mean that we didn’t like your story, only that we think that there’s even more potential to tap. No promises, but if there’s more in the inbox this afternoon (This “Monday” update is being done at midnight Monday morning, so for those of you reading this, I’m referring to the afternoon of 5/12) I’ll keep trying to get things up before the big day. Happy writing, and we expect to see a FLOOD of fics in the inbox Thursday morning!
  • 11 May 2003Sunday, 5/11/03 | Updated by Rae.
    • Why do I start these updates at 1 AM? Well, I am about to gripe and ramble since this update took me over 2 1/2 hours (really!) and about an hour of that was silly formatting things. For those of you using Microsoft Word, please don’t. . . um. . .kidding! (Sort of!) Microsoft Word likes to insert special characters into your documents, things like smartquotes and other strange characters. They look lovely in Word, but when I am trying to post your story and I check your HTML, they usually look like this, “¿««�ŻEEEEEE(*&%$” or other similarly not good things. Makes it look like you fell asleep on your keyboard again (Don’t do that anymore! I know you wake up with little squares on your face, or so I’ve heard.) I know there are options to turn off these weird characters, but off the top of my head, I couldn’t explain it to you. 3:30 AM is an inappropriate time to begin research projects (Especially if they are due the next morning! This one is not, however. Please do not grade me on my coherent, correct essay format writing!)
    • Paragraph 2! 8 new fics up tonight! (This morning! Early afternoon in England. . .where in the world is Centaur Sandiago? Last night she was seeing Lamb live and sending me text messages to make me jealous. Grr! It worked!) 4 new fics from new author NacDiggity (Agent/Action); 1 new fic from the lovely Ms. Chord (Romance/Drama); 1 new fic from vacationing goddess Centaur (Romance/Adult); and 3 new fics from sleeping goddess MTS (romance/drama). Centaur and MTS don’t know their fics are up, but Centaur text messaged me from the Lamb concert, which means I can do anything I want to get even, and I want to do this. . .I think. MTS told me she had a dream last night about me updating; since she didn’t end the story with, “and if you really put my fics up, I’ll kill you!” I assumed it was alright.
    • Paragraph 3! There are still fics in the inbox! I know! They are still there for various reasons, one of which is, “My pudding cup is empty and I want to go to sleep.” I promise another update before Reloaded! This means that all you lazy authors, who I KNOW have unsubmitted fics, had better send them to us by, oh, TOMORROW! For now, I will be sleeping because it is almost 4 AM and if I don’t go to sleep RIGHT NOW, I will end up with little squares on my cheek! God forbid that should happen. 90 HOURS UNTIL RELOADED. Whoa.

Apr 2003 > Version 1.0

  • 15 Apr 2003Tuesday, 04/15/03 | Updated by Rae.
    • Fanfiction.net can kiss my holy royal ass. I’ve got a new fic up in Drama, called “All I Wanted.” Because it is rather disturbed, I decided it might be fun to see what sorts of reactions I could provoke at Fanfiction.net, but I also thought it might be fun to put a link to a discussion thread on The Hardline, see if we could get some new people thinking on the board. WELL, let me just tell you how well THAT went over. URLs are AUTO-DELETED from files you upload to FF.Net. No BBS system, they don’t want discussion in the reviews, and they won’t let you link to an appropriate forum. WTF? Hurrah for The Construct and FREE SPEECH! We like our readers to THINK. (I should make a banner for the page that says that. . .) At any rate, the thread can be found Here. Intelligent discussion and free speech rule.
  • 07 Apr 2003Monday (barely!), 04/07/03 | Updated by Rae.
    • Tinkering, tinkering, tinkering. I was poking around the “Adult” page (THE SCREENSHOT MADE ME DO IT) and noticed two things: 1) The link to “Collateral Damage” had an uppercase “D” screwing it up; 2) Beauty on the Fire had some weird spelling errors (the words were correctly spelled. . .but they were very obviously the wrong words) Both of these things are now fixed. Renovak pointed out that there was a weird backslash on the Summaries article, but the link seems normal to me. Anyone else having trouble? Hmm, there was something else I wanted to say or do, but it’s 11:54 PM. . .it’s not going to come to me now ^_^ Oh! If anyone else has noticed spelling or formatting errors in their stories, drop me a line and I’ll get the fixed vesion updated for you. (Happens to the best of us, or so I hope ^_^)
  • 01 Apr 2003Tuesday, 04/01/03 | Updated by Centaur.
    • I am an FTP FIEND! Yesssss! (Don’t mind me, I’m terribly proud of this new skill I’ve acquired, though I owe it to Rae for explaining how to do it.) Anyway. Two fics up: Trin Chardin’s “Emotion – Or the Lack of It” and Jenn Jolie’s “Walls” are both up in drama, so check those out. In other news: we’re terribly sorry that we didn’t come up with some big April Fool’s joke for the site — we just didn’t think of it.

Mar 2003 > Version 1.0

  • 15 Mar 2003Saturday, 03/15/03 [Part 1] | Updated by Centaur and Rae.
    • Pardon our dust, we’re remodelling.
    • So, what are Centaur and Rae doing on a Saturday evening? Why, working on moving The Hardline and The Construct to their new home, of course! To be fair — Rae’s only using her Saturday afternoon, but due to time differences, it’s Centaur’s Saturday night. Rae intends to use her Saturday night to have a life. Anyway, we have not updated The Construct in awhile because anything that we add is simply another thing that we have to move — all fics that have been submitted to us but which have not yet appeared here will be up at the site’s new location when it opens.
    • The Hardline is in the process of being transferred. We moved as much as we could today until we drove the old board into downtime; we’re moving it as quickly as possible but ikonboard’s bandwidth limits make it a challenge at times. The transfer should be complete in a few days. Until then, we ask you to please access the NEW Hardline right here. Feel free to start new threads there, provided that they are not continuations of threads from the old board. If you want to respond to a thread from the old board that hasn’t been moved yet, we ask you just to hold your thought for a day or two until that thread has been moved so you can respond to it directly at the new site.
    • Thanks for bearing with us, people. Keep in mind that once this move is made, downtime problems for both the site and the board should be virtually — if not entirely — eradicated. Eye on the prize, people ;).
    • Saturday, 03/15/03 [Part 2] | Updated by Rae.
    • Centaur is SUCH a liar ^_^ I wasn’t out having a life on this fine Saturday evening, I was moving files and UPDATING! I am N3rd Girl, hear me ROAR! Make sure to check out Narsus’ fics (4 of them) in the Agent section; Alina’s “My Matrix Reloaded” in Action and Novella; Gypsy’s “Adam Street Bridge” in AU and Drama; Kirstma’s “Left” in Novella and Drama, and “Betrothed” in Drama and Romance; and last but not least – Blake’s “Sketches” in Drama and Romance. Whoo! Also take note of the new Alphabetical by Author listing, which may or may not be working yet. We’ll see what time I run out of steam tonight ^_~ *ALSO* check out the fact that all of the fics are .html files now, all the ugly formatting has been fixed, and they’ve all got titles at the top. I rule ^_~ The Hardline will be fully moved as soon as possible. Centaur and I ate up all of the bandwidth while working on it this morning ^_~ All that’s left to do is fix the counter ^_^

Feb 2003 > Version 1.0

  • 03 Feb 2003Monday, 02/03/03 | Updated by Rae.
    • The Goddesses have a new bastion of weirdness on the web. For more insane (not exclusively Matrix) weirdness, rambles, and fun, you can check out our new LiveJournal here. Yay for random strangeness!
  • 01 Feb 2003Saturday, 02/01/03 | Updated by Centaur.
    • Yeeeeeah. Zephyr’s new fic “Not Aphrodite” (find it here and only here, ladies and gents! Yet another Construct exclusive fic!) is up in Drama and Adult. And an incredible fic it is. Go read it. NOW.

Jan 2003 > Version 1.0

  • 17 Jan 2003Friday, 01/17/03 | Updated by Centaur.
    • Sweet! I’m back in the game, ladies and gents, and we goddesses have whipped ourselves into shape and collectively pulled off two updates in three days! Chord’s absolutely amazing poem “The Green Curtain” is up in Drama and Romance. Highly, highly recommended.
  • 15 Jan 2003Wednesday, 01/15/03 | Updated by Rae and MTS (Centaur helped, but she’s sleeping now, it’s nearly 5 AM in her time zone).
    • MTS-> Yo! Four new fics up. Blake’s “Washing Day” (humor) and “Coded Blood” (Crossover), Chord’s “What We Know” (drama, romance), MulticoloredGypsy’s “Old Soldiers Never Die” (drama).
    • Rae-> Sorry that this has taken so long, not only have we been juggling time zone differences and college, but MTS has been encouraging my new bad habit of lecherously captioning Lord of the Rings screen shots. (Havo Dad on my lap, Legolas!)
    • MTS-> We are considering making a LOTR shrine on the site. Not quite sure how it’s gonna work, but if you have ideas or anything LOTR related that you’d like to submit, talk to me or Rae.
    • Rae->After all, one can never have enough Legolas! At the very least, I’ll put up a link to my silly captioned pictures. ^_~
    • MTS-> But don’t forget that 2003 is the YEAR OF THE MATRIX. There will be a huge influx of online interest and hopefully fics before May and definitely after May. So let’s prepare for the masses!
    • Rae->Hopefully within the next couple of days I’ll be getting information on a paid webhosting service, and maybe even getting that account set up. We’re still trying to figure out the logistics of paying, but it’s my hope that the account will be set up before the end of January, and the site will be fully moved by early February. (This is assuming that college is being nice to me and I’m not writing enormous papers or such.)
    • MTS->So to close this update, everyone snuggle up to their Matrix DVDs and cross your fingers for the big boy fanfiction known as the Animatrix that shall soon be released! *dances*
    • Rae->Squaresoft doing Matrix-verse. . .::drool:: It’s like someone opened up my head and decided to make one of my dreams come true! Now if only Legolas would show up. . .MTS, I smell a crossover coming on. . .

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