Version 1.0

Dec 2002 > Version 1.0

  • 15 Dec 2002Sunday, 12/15/02 | Updated by Rae.
    • Yuck yuck yuck. This isn’t so much an update as it is an apology. Netfirms has just temporarily suspended The Hardline due to excessive bandwidth usage. I guess this is both good news and bad news; the good news is that the message board is getting popular, the bad news is that we won’t be able to access it until Monday (12/16). I guess this brings up the big issue of paid hosts, something Centaur, MTS and I have always known we’d have to do if the site got popular enough. Argh. Watch for more information on this (here or on The Hardline) in a few days.
  • 08 Dec 2002Sunday, 12/8/02 | Updated by MTS.
    • Mini Update: A new link that everyone must go see!!! www.carrie-anne.com — a new CAM fansite, and it’s just unbelievable. Enjoy!

Nov 2002 > Version 1.0

  • 04 Nov 2002Monday, 11/04/02 | Updated by Rae.
    • Finally, another update! I’ve actually gotten off my lazy butt and done something! Actually, scratch that, I’ve finally sat my weary, dancing butt down in a chair and did my part of the updating grunt work ^_~ Two of Chord’s fics, Alone and All I Need, can be found in Drama and/or Romance (hopefully the other two on FF.Net will be heading our way soon, hint hint ^_^) My new fic, Nameless Epiphany is up in Drama. Centaur has yelled at me to plug it because it’s Construct exclusive. . . umm. . .was that enough self-promotion? If you’ve submitted a fic and you don’t see it in this update, don’t worry, we still have a couple in our inbox that we’re getting to later this week.
    • I also want to take this opportunity to point out two very cool things! The first is that we have nearly 50 fics in our archive! The other is that we now have over 1000 hits on our counter ^_^ Wow! Thanks for all your support, guys! You make checking the inbox fun, and The Hardline message board is always plesantly lively ^_^ We couldn’t keep this place going without the support!

Oct 2002 > Version 1.0

  • 11 Oct 2002Friday, 10/11/02 | Updated by MTS.
    • The two fics you’ve been waiting for! Yes, mts is busy and/or lazy. YAY! My “Variations on a Theme” is in the drama section and Enn Bishop’s “Kael Chronicles” is up and working in OC and Action. Read ’em both, they’s very fun reads.

Sep 2002 > Version 1.0

  • 10 Sep 2002Tuesday, 9/10/02 | Updated by Centaur.
    • Zephyr’s fic is up in the drama section. Kirstma’s fics soon to come, hopefully, if I can make the time. Oy.
  • 06 Sep 2002Friday, 9/06/02 | Updated by Centaur.
    • Oooookay… I sat down now all set to do a giant update. I was absolutely certain that we had at least four or five stories waiting around to be put up. But when I looked, I could only find two, and of those, only managed to upload one. Enn Bishop’s lovely work is finally up, after an unacceptably long delay on our part (what can I say? We’re all students, so this is a tight time of year). Zephyr, if you read this, I haven’t forgotten or ignored your latest submission — my computer was giving me some serious grief over it (my problem, not yours) so I’m going to see if one of my fellow goddesses can do it. But I was absolutely positive that there were more stories awaiting upload… It’s highly possible I’m just hallucinating (wouldn’t be the first time), but just in case: if you submitted a fic that has not yet been uploaded, please drop us a reminder note at construct303@yahoo.com. Thanks.

Aug 2002 > Version 1.0

  • 14 Aug 2002Wednesday, 8/14/02 | Updated by Centaur.
    • Itty-bitty update now, but I’m hoping to get a bigger one done soon. A single new fic up: “I Dream Of” by Cris — an absolutely brilliant piece, and a Construct exclusive to boot. Find it in the drama section.
  • 03 Aug 2002Saturday, 8/03/02 | Updated by Rae.
    • Heh, I was supposed to do this last week, but I was stupid and closed my IM window where Centaur gave me all the essential information about where things got categorized. Since I’m an idiot, I still haven’t remembered to ask her, but I decided to just go ahead and assume I was smart enough to figure it out. If anything is wrong, please yell at me. Trin Chardin’s work is up in Romance and OC, “Serenity” (by Scottishlass) is up in Romance, and my two new fics are up in Drama/Adult. (Shameless plug because I can, “Beauty on the Fire” is a Construct exclusive, although part of the reason for this is that it deals with some extremely mature subject matter. Read with discretion.)
    • Also, I want to put a note here to all authors: PLEASE submit a summary with your fic! If you don’t send us a summary we’re forced to just use the first few lines of your story, which is only a minor pain for us, but may hurt your story’s chances of being read. It’s true that I’m the summary bitch, but it’s in your own best interest. Trust me.

Jul 2002 > Version 1.0

  • 22 Jul 2002Monday, 7/22/02 | Updated by Rae.
    • Back in town and fixing tables. Moved some disclaimers around so things would look pretty and I would feel useful. . . Mostly just tried to feel useful, and not jealous of Centaur watching “New Blood”. (Still Jealous!!!)
  • 20 Jul 2002Saturday, 7/20/02 | Updated by Centaur.
    • And Centaur said, “Let there be AU fics posted here,” and there were! (Okay, okay, I need to not let my god complex go to my head). Let’s see… I got more of Cris’s stuff up, as well as some of mine. Shameless plug alert: the drama section has a new fic up (yeah, yeah, penned by yours truly) that’s exclusive to The Construct. That’s right, read it here, and read it only here. Rae’s got a TC exclusive fic, too — check the adult page for a genuine masterwork.
  • 17 Jul 2002Wednesday, 7/17/02 | Updated by Centaur.
    • Slow and steady wins the race, ladies and gents. We’re getting there. Quin Firefrorefiddle’s fics have been updated, as well as one of Cris’s. Glitches with Scottishlass’s “Cat and Mouse” fics have been fixed. Also, the information given in MTS’s 7/14 announcement has been officially added to the guidelines page, so please take notice. A huge shout-out to Cris, who has offered to help us shrink the filesize of htmls made in Microsoft Word — thanks for the help!
  • 14 Jul 2002Sunday, 7/14/02 | Updated by MTS.
    • ANNOUNCEMENT: We are adding a new guidline for all fics and will be notifying authors about this–All authors need to catagorize their fiction into 2-3 of The Construct catagories so that we, the administrators, are placing author’s fic where they intended them.
  • 11 Jul 2002Thursday, 7/11/02 | Updated by MTS.
    • The following authors’ fics have been uploaded: Zephyr, Nanda, Nanaseven; Several of Scottishlass’s fics are up. If you are an author who wants your fics uploaded NOW, send me an email of your fic…for some reason it makes it easier: mtsfemme@yahoo.com. Otherwise, we’re working as hard as we can to get everybody up!

Jun 2002 > Version 1.0

  • 30 Jun 2002Sunday, 6/30/02 | Updated by Rae.
    • The Construct is finished! All sections are functional, The Hardline message board has been customized, and we’re ready to start putting up fics!
  • 30 Jun 2002Birth of the Construct
    • “Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?”
    • What you see before you is the manifestation of a dream. Three girls, scattered across three time zones, were sick of the lack of a Matrix fan community. Where was the good fanfiction? Where were the places to discuss ideas? An ambitious idea was proposed, and The Construct was born; if there was no such place on the web, why not create it? Look around, we hope you enjoy our dream as much as we do.
    • Centaur, Rae, MTS
    • Original Website

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