• AUTHOR: Zephyr
  • TITLE: Blindfolded
  • CATEGORY: Drama, Romance
  • SUMMARY: The interim in Revs between Neo’s eyes being scorched and their arrival at 01.
  • AUTHOR’S NOTES: I’ve been wanting to see this done since Scully brought up to me that she bet anything it was Trin who tied the cloth over Neo’s eyes. I thought that was terribly cute, and so took it upon myself to write it. And it really works with the shirts Trinity was wearing! Wee.


“I think you’re going to have to drive.” Neo tried to keep their spirits up. In return, Trinity hugged him tighter, her fists fiercely clenching his shirt.

They stayed like that for several minutes, unable to cry, unwilling to move, and powerless to comprehend what had just transpired in the previous minutes – or the previous days for that matter.

Damming her current of emotions, Trinity was the first to pull away. She tried not to wince when she finally got a close look at Neo’s scorched eyes. Then she realized, with a sudden rush of sadness, that she didn’t have to guard him from her reaction.

But he already knew how hard it must have been for her to see him like that. Yet all he wanted was to be able to see her. Her beautiful image was imprinted on his mind, its features raised so that he could almost touch them where the light cast its shadows, and he could still touch her, though only with deep sorrow because the two sensations would never again be united.

With a resolute sigh, she located a particularly ragged section of her shirt’s hem and, grasping it firmly in her right hand, tugged crosswise on it with all her anger at the rabid psychopath who had done this to Neo. She managed a fairly clean tear that ran nearly the circumference of her shirt and freed the strip of its binding threads with one last downward rip.

“Trin, what are you doing?” Neo asked all-too innocently. Looking up, Trinity was struck by his complete reliance on her and his helpless position, kneeling with his hands lying uselessly in his lap. She immediately reached for those hands, clutching them securely in her own.

“It’s okay, Neo,” she replied softly, “Don’t worry, I’m just going to put this cloth over your eyes.” She meant for it to help him, but they both knew it was to get her through it as well.

Shifting herself around, still holding one of his hands, she positioned herself behind his back. Slowly, delicately, she slid her hand from his lap, up his arm and across his shoulder to rest on the side of his neck just below his left ear. With her right hand she brought the makeshift bandage around the front of his head, making sure to brush his shoulder with her arm so he knew what she was doing, grasped the other end in her left hand, and proceeded to lower it across his eyes. Then she stopped, the cloth hovering less than an inch from his wound.

“Tell me if this hurts and I’ll stop.”

“No,” he assured her, his voice husky and strained, “It’s okay.”

She nodded slowly then lowered the bandage with the utmost care, unconsciously murmuring comforting sounds, and tried desperately not to cause him further pain. After she tied it snugly but softly at the back of his head, she let her arms slide down the front of his chest, reaching for his hands once more, and buried her face against his neck in a tender, backwards hug.

“It’s alright. I’ll drive as long as you tell me where to go.” She told him quietly, reverently, with full knowledge of what they would be driving into and not away from.

“Thank you.” He returned in a similarly somber tone.

And they said no more as she gently helped him to his feet and guided him back up to the cockpit, always with her arm around his waist as they walked or his hand grasping her boot as she climbed the ladder ahead of him. Once there, she helped Neo into his chair and buckled his harness very slowly and intimately, savoring every moment of physical contact with him.

He had never been more grateful for Trinity. He had feared her, worshipped her, lusted for her and loved her but had never felt such overwhelming gratitude for this woman who was willing to sacrifice everything for him. At once, he was overcome by regret for not having listened to her and shot Bane on the spot. Maybe there could have been some way to miss her and only hit that bastard who put a knife to her throat. Then it all would have ended right there and he would be able to see and they could continue on the way they’d intended to. Oh God, that’s what she had wanted him to do, and he had probably caused them both more agony because he was such a coward.

“I’m so sorry, Trinity.” Just as she was lowering herself into her seat and reaching to adjust the control panels for operation, she turned at the sound of his voice to see Neo with his head hanging, clenching his fists together. She was out of her seat and at his side in a second, holding him and then forcing him to lift his head with a gently insistent hand at his jaw. He couldn’t stop his face from twisting up in anguish, couldn’t release his grasp on her arm, couldnít stop his breath from growing uneven, and couldn’t stop feeling sorry for dragging her along with him on this – this suicide mission.

“No, Neo,” she intoned firmly, lovingly, “There is nothing to be sorry for. We’re going to do this, together.” He felt her familiar hand squeeze his. “Remember? I’m never letting go, okay? We have to do this.” They both knew she couldn’t finish the thought – “Even if we don’t ever make it back.”

He swallowed hard and nodded. Once, twice, three times. Three times for Trinity, the woman he loved: who would be his eyes and his reason to continue fighting.

She held Neo tighter, refused to let go of their love or her hope. He was the One, her One that she would go to the end of the world and the top sky for.


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