Emotion – Or the Lack of It

Emotion – Or the Lack of It

  • AUTHOR: Trin Chardin
  • TITLE: Emotion – Or the Lack of It
  • CATEGORY: Drama
  • SUMMARY: Cypher considers Trinity’s emotions – or the lack thereof.
  • AUTHOR’S NOTES: I haven’t written a Matrix fic for some time. But, with the rise in sites, like the “Construct”, I thought I’d give it another go. I’ve just bounced back from some serious writer’s block, so I’ll stick to short one-shots for now. ^_^
  • DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the Matrix concept or anyone/anything in it.

Emotion – Or the Lack of It

You’re always so serious.

Always the second-in-command. In full-control of every situation, you rein in your emotions. Seal them inside as you judge or give orders. I wonder what you think about behind the barriers of those dispassionate blue eyes. You hide everything inside, letting so little escape. Do we even know who you really are? You are a sphinx with no riddles to tell for you are silent so often. When you choose to speak, your words are soft and measured, each one carefully considered. But, you are still human. You are still one of us, at least, in part. There are times when you slip, too. The look of surprise when a casual kiss reminds you that Apoc and Switch are more than sparring partners. Then, the flash of annoyance when I go too far in flirting with you. Yet, strangely enough, it is the lack of expression that really catches my eye. Whenever we talk about the Oracle or Apoc spouts an impromptu sonnet, your face just blanks out. I wonder at that. But, the slips I truly enjoy are your smiles. They are precious stones. Rare and priceless. The thin-lipped smirk has the icy edge of rough diamonds, while the quirk of lips has the subtlety of blue sapphires. But, what I love are the smiles that reach your eyes and reflect the warm brilliance of blood red rubies. Still, I hoard each one in my head, another one for the coffer of memories.

…And I wonder if I could ever make you let go and laugh.


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