• AUTHOR: Mara Trinity Scully
  • TITLE: Encounter
  • CATEGORY: Drama, XO, Post-current movies of Matrix and Spiderman.
  • RATING: PG-13, serious theme.
  • SUMMARY: Spiderman saves a distressed damsel, much to another hero’s great relief.
  • AUTHOR’S NOTES: This piece tickles me. After watching Spiderman twice, I couldn’t help doing this. It’s bizarre, it’s cute, it’s short. Come on. It’s fun. Thank you: To Centaur for laughing hysterically when I told her that I was doing a Spiderman/Matrix crossover. Forgive me.
  • DISCLAIMER: Columbia and Warner Brothers? I LOVE YOU GUYS! Kiss kiss.


I couldn’t understand it. The City continued as normal, but something was different. Something…important was going on. And I could sense that it was something I had never been up against. And it had nothing to do with me…or even the City itself. Still, there was a new aura of danger invading the City, but it was…temporary. It would leave as soon as its task was done. But what was the task? What was this shadow I could sense trying to accomplish? And why did I feel like I couldn’t do anything about it?

But that is not going to stop me from trying.

Breathing the night air as deeply as I could, I try to sense where the shadow is coming from. And there it is. An abandoned building soon to be bulldozed on the West side. I swung there as quickly as I can, feeling dread build in my stomach. Besides the shadow, there is a sense of…otherness near me. Close by. I look over to see a figure jump from one building top to another. And then disappears. I can’t sense it anymore. My mind spins a web wilder than I ever could. It, of course, is not IMPOSSIBLE for someone to jump from building top to building top—look at me– but a human who could accomplish that feat is more than extraordinary. And will more than likely become my next enemy.

Oh boy.

I reach the building directly across from the location of the shadowy feeling. This close, I can sense that there are five humans causing this strange vibe. And I can sense their emotions too….Anxiety, a deep horrible anxiety. They’re waiting for something. I want to get closer. But suddenly, to my amazement, there are only four of them.

What is going on?

Then, there are only three. Then, two. Only one is left. It’s a woman. And she’s in pain. I may be in over my head, but when someone is in pain, nothing matters but stopping that pain.

I swing over to the building to latch on the façade. I look in the window where I sense she is. A tall man in black is fighting her, fiercely, horribly. Her mouth is bleeding and she limps, but despite the odds, she fights bravely. Next to them is the remains of a telephone that has been destroyed. A moment of indecision hits me harsh in the stomach. The man in black is obviously a government agent and so this woman might be a criminal. But I cannot bear the sight of this man brutally beating up this woman.

However, the man decides for me as he picks the woman up and hurls her through the window.

She shoots past me and I watch her fall. The woman doesn’t even scream, she is so startled as the world spins past her as gravity threatens to bring her crashing down to the ground. In a single moment, I dive down faster than ever to sweep her up into my arms and into safety. The man in black glares at us as I swing her away.

She clings to me tightly and begins to bury her face in my neck. As cloth, not flesh, meets her lips, the woman in my arms recoils in shock. Her surprise unexpectedly turns into a quiet kind of joy. She begins to chuckle, a light and sweet laugh that resonates through her body. Perhaps she thought I was someone else. To my absolute confusion, her weight becomes increasingly lighter. In response, I tense, wildly unable to comprehend it. The woman says in a soft voice in my ear, “Don’t want to be too much of a burden on you.”

To get her far enough away from the abandoned building, I take her to Central Park. Gently landing on the ground, I step out of her tight embrace. She smiles at me. Her face is no longer bleeding; in fact she looks like she walked around the block, not fought madly for her life. With a flick of her hand, she pushes an errant strand of her dark, wind-mussed hair away. At this point, I usually leave the rescued damsel, but my curiosity cannot be ignored now that I have her safe. And besides, I can’t help thinking her one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She is much older than I but…still, her beauty resonates in those deep green eyes.

She chuckles again. “Peter Parker, you sure know how to show a girl a good time.”

My heart skips an agonizing beat. No. Oh no.

She senses my sudden horror and touches my shoulder. A wave of calm races through my body from her touch. I cannot stop looking in her eyes. In a soft voice, she says, “Thank you. You’re a true hero. We all think very highly of you.”

Her eyes are so warm, so…green…

All of a sudden, she releases me and looks up. I sense what she sees: an intense power coming towards us at incredible speed. Still at a loss of who is good or bad in this strange encounter, I grab her arm and push her behind me. A flying figure in black zooms towards us and lands neatly where the woman was just standing. He is a tall, dark-haired man dressed in a black trench coat. Despite my confusion, a part of me can’t comprehend why he is wearing sunglasses at this time of night. There is something considerably wrong…different about this man… Who…what is he? I realize that he was that sense of “otherness” that I felt earlier. He does not seem fully human. And the power exuding from the creature is unworldly. I tense into my fighting stance. He smirks at me, not unkindly, and then looks at the woman behind me, with very different expression.

“You okay, Trinity?” His voice sounds so concerned that you’d think she was mortally wounded.

“Neo, I’m fine. Peter saved me in time,” she replies.

This Neo character looks at me and removes his sunglasses. His eyes exude a deep gratitude. I cannot help myself but straighten up and remove my own mask. This is a man to look in the face. As I look deeper in his aged eyes, I see great power and great pain. He is a hero like me, only older, more experienced. And his journey is different than mine, greater than mine.

“Thank you, Peter. I owe you one,” he says, offering his hand. I reach out my hand to shake his. Trinity moves towards her companion and wraps an arm around him. My heart aches. Here is an active hero who is with the woman he loves, despite the constant anxiety it causes. How does he do it? How do they do it? Those government agents must know that they can get to him through the beautiful, dark-haired woman. Perhaps this hero and heroine don’t care. Perhaps they find strength in the weakness of love. Perhaps…

“How do you know who I am?” I ask.

The two look at each other and smile. “We know a lot about you, Peter. We’re always rooting for you. Keep up the good work,” Neo replies. With that, he puts an arm around Trinity and levitates off the ground. Trinity says, “Till next time, Peter!” and they shoot off into the evening sky.

As I slowly put my mask back on, I wonder what that was. Who were those people? But maybe there are just some things in this world that I am not supposed to understand.

Like why do I have the strangest impulse to see Mary Jane right now?


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