Seeing Eye to Eye

Seeing Eye to Eye

  • AUTHOR: Girlfromsouth
  • TITLE: Seeing Eye to Eye
  • CATEGORY: Humor
  • SUMMARY: Neo and Trinity work out some relationship problems.
  • SPOILERS: Super vague spoiler for Reloaded.
  • AUTHOR’S NOTES: I didn’t want another fandom, but Matrix sucked me in.
  • DISCLAIMER: Not mine, having fun. ;)

Seeing Eye to Eye

They definitely never fought like normal people.

Other couples who argued, Neo was pretty sure used words and explanations and tried to make points. Maybe even compromised. Or flipped a coin.

When he and Trinity fought? Well, they did that too–the talking it out part, or at least they started out like that.

He told her he loved her, and he was only worried. He told her how he couldn’t live if anything happened to her. She would say that she was still a person and that she wasn’t going to chain herself to the ship to make him feel better. That she had a mission, too, just as much as he did.

So when they *couldn’t* talk it out–which generally happened when their “discussion” devolved into an argument, when it became an issue of something *she* wanted to do that he thought was dangerous and she called him an overprotective chauvinist–they loaded up into a training program and fought the *other* way.

For him being the One and all, he figured he should *really* have an easier time beating her.

The first time they did this, he’d actually held back; he thought it was only fair. After all, he had all these special gifts and she didn’t. Trinity had thoroughly kicked his ass six ways from Sunday. She believed in holding back nothing, and got her way more often than not.

Neo still felt bad if he fought her. Maybe that was her plan all along, beat him with guilt. Whatever it was, it worked.

This was all Morpheus’ idea of course. It was his version of couples counseling. Neo frequently thought about asking him whether or not this was why Niobe had left him but always decided he liked having his head attached to his body too much to try it.

Neo did ask Morpheus once, though, why he easily handled fighting Agents and stopping bullets but had such a rough time when faced with his girlfriend’s digital self.

In his supremely irritating fashion, Morpheus had smiled enigmatically and said that more than likely it was one of the side effects of his being in love with her; love, he imagined, frequently overrode even the most complicated of programs.

Love, Neo thought petulantly, was a huge pain in the ass. If it were for anybody less than Trinity, he knew he’d never be able to stand it.

Luckily when she smiled at him, it made losing a lot easier.


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